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Creditas Digital Platform

We define our digital platform with a group of product-agnostic microservices, which increase the efficiency of creating new products
and provide the necessary infrastructure to unleash innovation within our business units.


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A series that shows how our Product Technology team uses innovative ideas in favor for people.

Our guides

In our technology and our products, we have guides that drive the development of our innovations and solutions. This brings consistency to all tribes and areas’ squads. There are different skills, but with the same connection: seeking the best experience for our clients.


Technology guides

Icon Velocity


Increase the agility, speed, and reliability of the delivery of results and impact

Icon Visibility


Perfect the ability to estimate and forecast investments and time to market, along with communication for follow-up and execution


Increase the maturity of the capacity to carry out technology and development processes


Deliver technology and market solutions at the forefront of the industry with minimal technological debt

Product guides


Lead with strategy and product definition to deliver advanced, durable, and competitive value as a technology company

Icon Maturity


Practice and operate using the Product Development industry’s most mature methodologies

Icon Standradization


Practice flexibility and adaptation at the tribe level, but standardization at the global level



Our technologies and methodologies

We develop 100% of our technology at home, which allows us to scale the business, but also improve the experience of our customers.





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