Welcome to Creditas

Every company knows what they do, but few know why they really exist. Creditas’ mission is well-defined: to enable what fulfills people by unleashing the potential of their assets. We work with home equity, auto equity, private payroll-deducted personal loans, and vehicle financing. And we’re always researching innovative ways to help people reach new heights.


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A heart that beats differently

Limits? That's not a word we like. It’s our culture to go further, think differently and grow exponentially. We’re a technology company focused on people. And that’s what we’ll always be. If you share our passion, we'd love to chat.

Choose your team and take a ride on our spaceship

Internally, we refer to Creditas as our Spaceship, and those who work here are its Crewmembers. Choose your team to become part of our Crew.


To continue flying higher and higher, we want to make sure that our crew is healthy and that they have the time and resources to give their best, in both their professional and personal lives.

Health and Life

Health and Dental Plan, Life Insurance.


In-company trainings and workshops.

Icon Well-being


Flexible hours, no dress code, meal allowance and Gympass.

Icon Family


We know how becoming a mother or father is remarkable and we want to give all the support.

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Transport daily allowance.

Our achievements

More important than trophies, is the recognition of our Crew.